Meet the Team

Joannah Metcalfe
Founder / Director

I created Greener Growth following twenty five years of therapeutic practice. Recovering from serious ill-health during my late teens, I practiced a range of therapies which had a huge impact earlier in my life. Greener Growth emerged as a result of these experiences and to find new methods of reaching more people in need. The […]

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Antonia Coleman

Antonia joined in 2017 and mainly focuses on accessing grant funding, administration and generally keeping Jo organised! After knowing Jo for most of her life and having a shared passion for environmental conservation, food growing and natural healing, she saw the impact that Greener Growth was having and wanted to help. Antonia also runs a […]

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Arabella Reynolds
Art Consultant

Bella has an honours degree in fine art-sculpture and printmaking. She has been a freelance illustrator and tattoo artist for eight years; her work is inspired by nature, plants, animals, the human form, geometric patterns and vintage illustration. Bella had many discussions with founder/director Jo Metcalfe as to how one might bring creativity into learning.. […]

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Chris Mahon
Director of Conservation

I have degrees in Environmental Science (BSc. (Hons.)) and Environmental Assessment (MSc). For thirteen years I led the Cheshire Wildlife Trust as its Director and latterly, its Chief Executive, as well as being the Managing Director of the Trust’s consultancy. Prior to this, my career lay in local government as a planning department ecologist in Cheshire. […]

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Clive Sexton
Finance Manager

I am the Finance Manager & Company Secretary, and have worked exclusively with charities and social enterprises for over twenty years.  My financial management experience has been applied in organisations that work in mental health, the rehabilitation of offenders, supporting carers, fair trade and many others. In my spare time I grow lots of fruit […]

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Craig Lee

I arrived at Barnham Primary school in September 2017 to help erect a shed for the children’s gardening tools.  Having seen the problems that building work and poor land management can create, I was very keen to get on board to support the vision. As a project manager with GG it is my role to […]

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Huw Jones
Project Manager

My passion is the outdoors, sustainable living and teaching. I graduated from UEA with a degree in Environmental Science in 2014. Since then I have done a Permaculture Design Certificate in India whilst travelling. I realised I wanted to learn more about permaculture after volunteering in Australia at permaculture farms and being involved in some […]

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Jackie McKellar
Non-Executive Director

Jackie joins Greener Growth CIC as a Non- Executive Director and has worked with Jo Metcalfe on a variety of projects over the last 10 years. Jackie has held MD, Marketing and Commercial Directorships working with a variety of large and SME companies in a career spanning 20 years.  She brings a wealth of experience […]

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Jannine Parry
Operations Manager

Jannine has grown food for a living all her adult life, whilst developingvarious careers centred around healthy eating and food provision.She has been a chef, a hospitality supervisor and a catering managerwhilst travelling extensively around the UK, developing her interests inthe field.Whilst living in Wales for five-years, she became an expert in growingfood in polytunnels. […]

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Paul Hebditch
Project Manager

After working in construction and maintenance engineering for the past 20 years and never really feeling fulfilled, it felt like time to do more than work to just pay bills. I heard about some of the good projects Greener Growth were doing and joined in July 2018. Since then, I’ve been involved with several key […]

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Jon Cousins
Archaeological Adviser, Graphics and Geomatics Specialist

Jon has been working in the field of archaeology for 20 years, becoming aDirector of Excavations for Sedgeford Historical & Archaeological ResearchProject for ten years. His specialist interest is in the Anglo Saxon period,Working on urban and rural sites across the UK. He joined Greener Growthin 2020 to advise on historical sites, and to develop […]

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