David Negus

Garden Designer

Hi I'm David, an award winning garden designer based in Suffolk, renowned for my artistry in crafting immersive outdoor experiences. With a rich background spanning 13 years , I bring a unique blend of creativity and functionality to my clients nationwide through a cutting-edge 3D design service.

Rooted in a childhood surrounded by nature and nurtured by parents with a deep love for gardening, my journey seamlessly combines a passion for the outdoors with a keen eye for design. This fusion led me to pursue a Garden Design Diploma at Otley College in Suffolk, complemented by ongoing courses to elevate my skills. Inspiration struck during my time living in Berlin, prompting the creation of The3DGardener, a testament to my dedication to merging design, 3D visualization, and the profound emotional connection people share with their gardens.

My own garden serves as a personal sanctuary, a source of strength, and a constant wellspring of ideas. Driven by a commitment to spread joy and tranquility, my ultimate goal is to share the magic of beautifully designed gardens and the transformative 3D design process, bringing a sense of peace and delight to those who experience them.


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