Arabella Reynolds

Bella has an honours degree in fine art-sculpture and printmaking. She has been a freelance illustrator and tattoo artist for eight years; her work is inspired by nature, plants, animals, the human form, geometric patterns and vintage illustration.

Bella had many discussions with founder/director Jo Metcalfe as to how one might bring creativity into learning.. This led to her present role as resident artist for Greener Growth.

Through creativity Bella believes we can understand structure, visuals and knowledge in a way provides a stepping stone towards gaining a deeper understanding of the natural world around us.
She says:

"When using drawing, painting we take those moments to view the subject as our perception of its form; in the leaves we notice those small veins, the way it curls, the colour for example. We get a feel for the subject, which in turn, allows us to think about and understand the mechanics of the subject in question. Working with visual skills can really help in the process of gaining knowledge and the amazing benefits of self expression and joy we gain from art and creativity."