Tollgate Primary School

Tollgate Primary School

This won’t make the front pages, simply because Good News doesn’t sell many newspapers. . .

However, at Greener Growth we like to try and provide some balance in life, as we do in nature!

Just after completing the final touches for the Oaks Road Memorial Orchard, and before we start work on the St Olaves Woodland Project, we are continuing our work at Tollgate Primary School, thanks to the Bury St Edmunds Town Council.

We approached the Council in June, to ask for help to finish phase 1 of the wildlife gardens and pond area for their large concrete playground.

The application was completed, Joannah Metcalfe presented (beautifully) to the councillors at the recent meeting at the end of July and we started the work today! Hurrah!

Tollgate Primary School, Bury St. Edmunds | New planters and insect hotels

We know how much the work is appreciated by the parents, the staff, and the pupils at the school. We are very well supported by the teachers Claire Bates and David Morris. We received a lovely postcard from Claire just after they finished the Summer Term.

Hopefully the children will love the new bird feeder, the bird and bat boxes as well as the extra raised beds and seating areas.

Not only will this produce food, they will massively increase the biodiversity on site, as well as covering up some unsightly and unused drains. . .

A great example of the people in Bury St. Edmunds coming together as a community to support each other!

Phase 2 will be in the Autumn, if we can get more funding - watch this (green) space!”

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