Greener Growth Presents at the International Union For The Conservation of Nature

Greener Growth Presents at the International Union For The Conservation of Nature (IUCN)

On Wednesday May 2nd, Jo Metcalfe, Founder and Director of Greener Growth gave a presentation at the IUCN's National Committee hosted by the Margaret Pyke Trust and their supporter Stephenson Harwood. The conference was titled "Nature and Human Well-Being - Scoring Common Goals."

According to the press release, the meeting was a "celebratory event to mark the 70th anniversary of the IUCN and the 21st birthday of its National Committee in the UK, gathering people interested in the work of IUCN together to learn more about how some of IUCN's UK members contribute to the delivery of the people-centered Sustainable Development Goals ; CBD Aichi targets; resolutions from the IUCN World Conservation Congress and its Hawaii commitments; the IUCN Programme and the work of IUCN Commissions;  European, regional and UK national plans and strategies."

Managing Director at Chris Mahon Environment, CEO at IUCN National Committee UK and Development Director at World Heritage UK, Chris managed to find time to organise the event while also being Greener Growth's executive director! Great job!

Accompanied by GG co-director Sam (The Van) Hardy, Jo gave an inspiring presentation which was warmly received, not only because the talk was informative but because she made the attendees laugh on more than one occasion.

This is always a bonus!

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