Wrongs Covert - Building the Community Kitchen & Wildlife Garden

Wrongs Covert - Building the Community Kitchen & Wildlife Garden

A big thank you to volunteers Bryn, Huw, Robin, Matt and Jo for making such a difference to the work carried out at Wrongs Covert Woodland Restoration Project on Saturday, Jan. 31st.

Last time we were here a variety of orchard trees were planted and its seems, are still doing very well. This time, with Kathy Harris, owner and guardian of the Wrongs there to greet us, we got to work putting together some hefty planters for the community kitchen & wildlife garden.

It was a bitterly cold day and the only way to really keep warm was to keep active! Which means a lot of work was completed. With Robin's super-strong coffee, Jo's tasty home-baked cookies and Kathy's leek & potato soup, we were all suitably fuelled throughout the day. Huw's wife Jo was also eight months pregant but still managed to help out where she could! Impressive!

Then there was Matt who was a human dynamo. As GG co-director Sam Hardy mentions:

"Matt was a great asset, and had really great knowledge on the veggie beds as he has his own burgeoning market garden and tree nursery! I think the award for effort goes to him for cycling an hour in sub-zero temperatures to attend!!"

Volunteer Matt Richards after his bike ride to Wrongs

Thanks go to project manager Craig Lee for driving three hours in poor conditions; having all the right tools in the right place and for fixing the “goose gate” in double quick time.

Everyone put a great shift in today to make some magic happen for Kathy and all her future visitors!"

Below are a selection of photos all of which will eventually be found on the Wrongs Covert website along with a whole lot more. Thanks again to everyone who turned up to help.

A very cold day at the Wrongs kitchen garden before planters are cut and laid. From left: Robin, Jo, Matt, Bryn, Huw, Sam and Craig.
Wood arrives for making planters. They were pretty heavy!
The planters have to be cut to size...
A combination of mitre saw and chain saw to finish off!
Then they have to be measured, placed, screwed together and filled with compost and soil.
Almost all in place. Now they just need screwing and filling with soil and compost
Soil left over from the work carried out on other areas of Wrongs was then "sieved" through a bit of metal mesh to get rid of large stones (nice idea Matt). The soil was then barrowed over to the planters. This was re-using resources on site in keeping with permaculture principles.
All done for the day!
Working at Wrongs Covert wouldn't be complete without visiting "Robert"....
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