Project Update: HMP Wayland

HMP Wayland is based near Thetford, in Norfolk, and is a low security category C prison. It has large PIPE (Psychologically Informed Planned Environments) and PD (personality disorder) units within the same building, which share the same large garden. We have been working with this prison for years now, with 2021 being the seventh delivery year!

During Phase One we introduced a permaculture-based plan, which included renovating some old buildings and an old aviary into a potting shed & green-house. We brought in donated and recycled materials, as this was not part of the original budget (the buildings were due to be pulled down). They have made a fabulous central feature of the gardens and have been incredibly useful.

In addition to nine large timber framed raised beds, we have also added three ‘Back-Yard Projects’, four wildlife ponds, many willow (fedge) boundary fences, rustic benches with arbours and a memorial garden. We have also planted a substantial heritage orchard and deliver two lots of six-week ‘Food & Nutrition & Budgeting’ courses to help the inmates learn how to prepare and cook the produce they grow. Learning how to budget on a low income is also a vital skill for true rehabilitation.

A poly-tunnel was donated and so there is now an additional tier to our delivery. Teaching how we can generate fresh food all year around, even during the “Hungry Gap”.