Horringer Court Community Kitchen & Wildlife Garden

Horringer Court Community Kitchen & Wildlife Garden

A great day was had at Horringer Court implementing the next phase of their Community Kitchen & Wildlife Garden funded by Suffolk County Councillor Richard Rout.

Sam, Fi, Craig, Paul and Jono set about filling the planters with a rich, steamy compost (check out that wheel-barrow below...OOOO-arrrrrr) followed by top-soil.

Various bulbs and herbs were planted thereafter (about 250 in all!)

Craig and Paul also laid some turf and put up about eight or nine bat and bird boxes.

This is Horringer Court, soon to be Community Kitchen & Wildlife Garden...

Paul: "Just look at my shovel action"

Craig: "Check out my turf baby."

Sam: I know, I know, I like treading compost - everyone has their little foibles."

Craig: "Me? Why do I always have to be the one hanging from the tree?"
Paul: "Look, there's a lovely hazel over there - just your size".

Craig: "Are you listening to me?
Paul: "Think of all those little furry bats you're going to help...Bless

Paul: "Heh."

Look at the steam rising...Some good quality compost. New life cometh!

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