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Compensate your CO2 & Plant A Tree Today

At Greener Growth, we understand the value of sustainable education. Studying and exploring abroad can play a huge part in learning about the world and broadening your skills and experience, but travelling can have a serious and negative environmental impact. We have partnered with Discover the World Education, to provide you with a way to learn and travel whilst protecting the environment.
Your tree will be planted in the UK to enhance and develop biodiversity in regions of great need and will go on to grow and capture carbon for many years to come.
The money for the tree will be used, not only to source the seed and grow the tree, but to support a wide range of community projects where it will be planted, improving the environment for nature and local communities.


We plant UK woodlands to directly compensate for the CO2 emissions caused by the unavoidable actions of Discover the World Education. Like travel power and many other essentials that we need to function. These forests create safe biodiverse environments for fauna and wildlife to flourish for generations.


We plant indigenous trees with the direct instruction and guidance from ancient woodland arboricultural experts. All of our trees are sourced from Seeding Hope, providing rehabilitation through nature connections. We select land in partnership with communities that will greatly benefit from species rich (biodiverse) woodland creation.


For each payment of £20 we will plant a tree to compensate for one tonne of CO2 over its lifetime. One round trip to Iceland will cause half a tonne of CO2 so your tree is would have double impact! So you could Discover the World again, without a worry.

Your tree will be

Compensating 1 Tonne of CO2 over its lifetime

Compensate your CO2 & Plant A Tree Today

Plant a woodland or garden in your school

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