Plant a woodland or garden in your school

Greener Growth is experienced at creating wildlife rich spaces for people and nature, where people can better connect to our natural environment

As well as creating or enhancing spaces we often help students of all ages learn how to build and look after them, alongside teaching the core principles of environmental conservation.

We have in-house experts that will design a woodland to both respond to and enhance your site, and meet your needs. In this process we will look at, for example, soil and geology, hydrology and groundwater, aspect, slope, exposure, surrounding vegetation communities, species and habitats. Within the woodland, we recommend including a range of other features to optimise biodiversity from the outset. These features are described below and we can tailor how they fit in your woodland design based on your learning and budget requirements.

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Planting your green space will:

Offer new educational opportunities
What better place for students to learn about ecology, botany, wildlife, and conservation through hands-on experiences and observation in their own outdoor classroom?
Improve biodiversity
Heritage woodlands can support a diverse range of plant and animal species, contributing to local biodiversity
Build Cultural and Historical Connection
Heritage woodlands include native trees and plants with historical and cultural significance. Students can learn about local history, traditional land use, and the importance of preserving this
Boost student’s well-being
Spending time in nature is proven to have positive effects on mental health and well-being. Students and staff can use the woodland as a place to relax and unwind
Encourage Hands-On Learning
Your students can get involved in planting, maintaining, and caring for your woodland, this can improve self-confidence, teamwork, and build an appreciation for the environment

What if our school doesn’t have much space?

From our experience we understand there are many school grounds that have limited green space. We can help you to optimise your facilities, as we have done in many other schools. We can analyse your grounds and identify opportunities to complement your current resources or create new spaces. They can be supplemented through the addition of bird and bat boxes, or insect hotels, fixed to existing trees or buildings, to further support wildlife.

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