Greener Growth - Growing People and Communities

Our work in schools

Greener Growth works with schools to bring nature to children because as they get involved, children learn more about the importance of the natural world, the need for bugs and insects, and protecting our environments future.

Children who grow their own food are more likely to eat fresh fruit and vegetables. When we live in a financially difficult time, where more and more people think they can’t afford fresh seasonal produce, it’s invaluable to help children get access to fresh produce.

So what do we do about it? Greener Growth teaches everyone we speak with to ‘grow their own’. Even people without gardens or green spaces can grow in pots, windowsills and window boxes. The smallest gardens can produce an abundance of fresh food if you know how to grow! If your school would benefit from Greener Growth’s help, get in touch via our contact form.
George White Junior School
Greener Growth has been involving and inspiring children and teachers to get planting at George White Junior School, Norwich....
Avocet House
Avocet House, a specialist education centre for troubled children where Greener Growth introduced growing, preparing and cooking food.
Cecil Gowing Primary School
Greener Growth has been working with this warm & friendly school, installing green architecture, gardens and a mini orchard.
Little Plumstead CofE School
Little Plumstead School needed help after an old play area caused pitted tarmac and we had a green-fingered solution.