Greener Growth - Growing People and Communities

Our work in prisons

The work Greener Growth does with prisons and their residents is invaluable as it gives focus and purpose somewhere it is easy to lose sight of the natural world in. We work with ex-offenders, teaching them to grow food for themselves and their peers, as well as important life skills that can help them look forward to brighter and greener futures.

We work closely with the prison organisation, catering our services to both the facility's and the residents’ needs. Greener Growth has a ‘recover through nature’ philosophy that it uses to help residents with their personal and emotional wellbeing through tending to nature.

Greener Growth’s work with prisons is impactful while the project is running, but the effects last much longer than that - as residents learn and develop, there will always be a place for nature.

If you’re aware of a prison that has the potential to be a Greener Growth project, let us know here.
HMP Hollesley Bay
At HMP Hollesley Bay we transformed a walled garden into opportunities and introduced ‘Recovery Through Nature’.
HMP Highpoint
At HMP Highpoint we envisioned extending the “Recovery Through Nature” gardening projects and developing a Farm Shop & Café.
HMP Swaleside
HMP Swaleside asked us to deliver “Recovery Through Nature”, focussing on a neglected internal garden for the Progression Wing.
HMP Warren Hill
On the Suffolk coastline, we worked with this prison's Therapeutic Community to turbo charge their therapeutic gardening programme.
HMP Wayland
HMP Wayland contacted us about our “Recovery Through Nature” focus, excited about the potential we saw in their grounds.