Greener Growth - Growing People and Communities

Our Ethos, Mission and Impact

We adopt the ethical framework and design approach of permaculture to work in harmony with the natural environment. We grow food using organic methods that enhance soil fertility and increase biodiversity. Through this, we engage with disadvantaged groups of people and assist them in making healthier lifestyle choices. 

Our mission is to:

  • Engage communities through developing natural recreation and food production areas
  • Teach people skills in food production, nutrition and practical permaculture skills
  • Champion the effectiveness of permaculture
  • Improve biodiversity

Greener Growth’s impact is seen in more natural, green spaces created by healthier, more employable people. Greener Growth volunteers gain the skills and confidence to grow and cook their own food, leading to healthier lifestyles and greater self-esteem.
Our Governance
Greener Growth, a company limited by guarantee managed by a Board of Directors.

Our Funders
Funding is vital, which we source from a combination of paid-for services, grants and donations.

Applying for Grants
When your budget doesn’t cover costs, Greener Growth can discuss grants with our fundraisers.