Greener Growth - Growing People and Communities

Our garden makeovers

Every project we run starts with a plan and Garden Makeovers are no exception. The projects are tailored to people's needs and resources that are available.

We'll arrange a visit at your garden and together we’ll create a plan and provide you with a bespoke quote. Knowing that projects can take time and resources, depending on your ambition, we can phase the work to suit the season and your budget.

Besides horticulture, our projects also teach people about nutrition, positive wellbeing and life skills according to the principles of permaculture.

If you’d like to transform your garden, courtyard, balcony or endless other spaces, get in touch via our contact form and we’ll arrange a chat about what nature Greener Growth can bring to you.

Newmarket Garden Makeover
After his property renovation, Rory’s attention turned to the garden where we turned mud into beauty and food production.
Wheeting Garden Makeover
With “no clue what to do” Chanelle wanted to change her garden, so we helped create her food-producing garden....