Greener Growth - Growing People and Communities

It’s quite simple, we need you!

Greener Growth are environment champions and we want to spread the word that we need nature just as it needs us. Whether you’d like to help the birds, the bees, your community, your local school or the elderly, we can help you get involved. Community cohesion works -we can achieve a lot if we all work together and the more you can help, the more we can help!

It’s a case of the more the merrier at Greener Growth. Some of our projects heavily rely on volunteers simply giving their time and reinforcing the team’s efforts. So whether it’s wood for our mini beastie nests, an old greenhouse for growing tomatoes or tools looking for a new lease of life, don’t throw it away! We will always volunteer our time but there are many things our projects need that need paying for. Anything you can do or give would be a great help to us, be that administration, fund-raising, horticulture or more.
Give Time
If you have any spare time, be it a one-off or regular, consider giving it to one of our projects.

Give Materials
Materials are vital to the work we do, so have a clear-out and help us recycle, reuse or repurpose it.

Give Expertise
Do you have knowledge or experience? Volunteering your time and skills is always welcome as we build on our impact.

Give Money
From tiny acorns big oak trees grow, it’s the same with money. Every donation is a huge help.