Greener Growth - Growing People and Communities

Our work in communities

It only takes one person to start something brilliant. Communities are the backbone of society and if you’d like to make a difference to yours, a Greener Growth project could be just the thing. Dotted around all villages and cities are under-used spaces. Greener Growth helps communities by reviving these neglected areas, turning them into resources that give to the community and bring it together.

Whether it’s a vegetable patch or a flowerbed, there’s so much we can do with even the smallest of areas. And we can also create significant spaces to grow, relax and meet. So let’s put away the phones, laptops and tablets, and bring communities back together with nature.

Something for the whole community sounds like a big task, but it really does just take one person to plant the seed of an idea. Could that be you? Get in touch.
Anton House
Anton House is Suffolk Housing Association’s flagship project and our work facilitated a community engagement project with un-used gardens.
Silver Road Community Centre
Silver Road community centre had huge potential, so it was our duty to revive the neglected courtyard.
Southwold Community Project
Southwold Community Kitchen & Wildlife Gardens are our way of helping the town, planning for and planting traditional produce.