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Our commercial work

Just because it’s work, it doesn’t have to be dreary! People’s wellbeing is heavily influenced by their surroundings and considering many people spend more time at work than at home, their workplace environment is fundamental to their health.

That doesn’t just apply to employees. Far from the concrete and bricks we’re accustomed to seeing, you could create an area that uplifts customers, suppliers and visitors as they approach you and your business.

Don’t forget that people have five senses, so it isn’t all about looks either. If people can smell blossoming flowers, feel the shade of a tree as they walk past and hear the birds sing, they are going to feel more positively about you and your business too.

The benefit of teaming with Greener Growth is two-fold. Obviously you get a more inspiring work place. Additionally, as a community interest company the money we raise through commercial projects goes back into the community as funding for deserving projects in for example local schools. Consider your corporate social responsibility ticked off while you enjoy the benefits of nature.

So take another look around you. Could we convert your commercial space? Tell us about it.

Riduna Park
Come back soon our project is in progress.
The Tickell Arms
Cambs Cuisine asked us to work at The Tickell Arms, in Whittlesford, to give them a commercial garden makeover.