Greener Growth - Growing People and Communities

Applying for Grants

Greener Growth can spot the potential for transforming areas and will work with you in achieving that. As a charitable company that adheres to the principles of permaculture, our costs are kept as low as possible by using for example, recycled materials where we can.

However we appreciate that some organisations’ budgets may only stretch so far and be unable to meet some of the project costs. In those cases our fundraisers Wiseman and Associates may be able to help by finding and applying for grants to help meet the balance. There’s no guarantee that we’ll secure any additional funding you may need, but Greener Growth will work with you to make projects a success.
Our Ethos, Mission and Impact
We work in harmony with nature, valuing the potential in everyone and championing care and wellbeing.

Our Funders
Funding is vital, which we source from a combination of paid-for services, grants and donations.

Our Governance
Greener Growth, a company limited by guarantee managed by a Board of Directors.