Greener Growth - Growing People and Communities

All you need to know about Greener Growth

Greener Growth is a community interest company that takes neglected areas and makes them food-producing and biodiversity-enhancing. We work in schools, prisons and other community settings, and we also work with businesses and private households to provide makeovers of all shapes and sizes where the profits we raise are used to support our other community projects.

Each project is designed and delivered to the specific needs of our clients. When we work on a green project we use permaculture techniques such as rainwater harvesting, composting areas, raised beds, fruit trees and ponds.  We also work with communities and teach people to build, plant and maintain food crops and to prepare nutritious meals. We were founded in 2013 and since then have used permaculture principles and techniques to work in harmony with nature.

Our current projects take place in Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridge and Kent, but we aim to expand our geographical reach by assisting in the setting up of similar projects throughout England.
Our Ethos, Mission and Impact
We work in harmony with nature, valuing the potential in everyone and championing care and wellbeing.

Our Funders
Funding is vital, which we source from a combination of paid-for services, grants and donations.

Our Governance
Greener Growth, a company limited by guarantee managed by a Board of Directors.

Applying for Grants
When your budget doesn’t cover costs, Greener Growth can discuss grants with our fundraisers.