Greener Growth - Growing People and Communities

Welcome to Greener Growth!

We’re a community-focused group that helps people of all ages and backgrounds feel better in themselves through growing their own food and transforming their outside spaces. Our volunteers learn to plant, grow and harvest fresh fruit and vegetables on underused land. In doing so they transform neglected areas into productive resources and habitats for wildlife, rich in biodiversity.

We work with a variety of disadvantaged groups including prisons, schools and other communities. We also work on commercial and individual spaces. You can find out more about all our work on our project pages.

Every project starts with a plan to bring nature to an area, which is tailored to the needs of the people we're helping, from land management to educational resources. Greener Growth specializes in taking neglected areas of land and “re-greening” them for the benefit of both nature and local communities. Size is no problem - we've achieved results with indoor green walls and roof gardens right through to commercial food-producing gardens.
We support communities by bringing people together while conserving and enjoying nature.

Our showcase of environmentally inspired stories – ours and others.

Friends of Greener Growth are crucial and the more you help, the more we can help!

We help nurture people and the environment. Find out more about our ethos, governance and funders.